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Annuity marketing and annuity selling made easy when you sell annuities to the people who buy the most
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Annuity Marketing and Annuity Selling
Would you like to spend your day talking to annuity buyers? It's possible and here's a system that allows you to do that.

First, understand that no one wants to buy an annuity. Annuity marketing really means finding people interested in benefits of annuity ownership. Annuity selling is NOT a presentation about annuities and the features and benefits. Annuity selling is a conversation where you ask your prospect what's important to them about making investments or putting their money to work. If they mention aspects like safety and tax benefits and no surprises, you're likely speaking to someone who is an annuity buyer. You didn't find their name on an annuity list or some other shotgun prospecting approach. So how do you find these people?

You offer them information-a booklet, a seminar, a webinar on saving taxes. Remember, people don't want to buy an annuity-they want the benefits that the annuities provide. But these tools allow you to establish your credibility with a potential annuity buyer and position yourself as a professional and not a sales person. Annuity marketing is about having the prospect contact you in response to something you have offered and an item they desire (e.g. a booklet entitled "Six Strategies to Help Retirees Reduce Taxes)." Annuity selling is having a conversation with your prospect about the benefits they want (not about the features of your annuity)! When there is a match between what you new prospect desires and the benefits of your product, and only then, do you ever mention annuities.

Therefore, maximizing your annuity sales is as follows:

  • Annuity Marketing-marketing some benefit of annuities in an educational way and having the prospect contact you
  • Next, you set an appointment about their issues, goals and objectives (not about annuities)
  • Annuity selling-a conversation where you uncover the new prospect's desires, determine if they match with the annuities that you offer, and then convert your new prospect to an annuity buyer

If you would like this process automated for you, meet Annuity Buyers here.

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