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Drip Marketing Newsletter

Get a dozen requests for business every month, month after month.

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This is the only financial advisor newsletter package delivered to you with new prospects!* Drip market on your current clients or you may lose a ton of business.

New prospects you meet forget you�fast. Prospects and clients have so many distractions. But when you stay in front of them with a client newsletter that positions you as a specialist, you insure that they remember you and you solidify your standing as the go-to financial advisor. Your financial newsletter or insurance newsletter separates yourself from the others that contact them.

Senior Finances Newsletter

Each month, send this financial advisor newsletter to clients and new prospects, and each month get 10 to 30 replies asking for more information. That's right, 10 to 30 people ask you to know more about investment opportunities, to buy insurance, and for your help with their finances. If you're an insurance professional, we provide you the insurance newsletter; if you're an investment professional, we provide you the investment newsletter.

Watch a short 7 minute video to see the benefits of dripping on your prospects.


This is the ONLY financial email newsletter service that includes FREE prospects to drip on! Select a central zip code and 5 or 10 mile radius around that zip. We market on the Internet in your selected area, seniors sign up for a FREE Financial Newsletter, and we automatically add these prospects to you subscriber list.

"The very best money I have ever spent in my business is the senior financial newsletter I obtain from your firm...it never fails to generate $15-20k of commissions each mailing."
Bill B., Olympia, WA
"Then out of the blue he says to me 'you know, I've been reading your investment newsletters, and I really like them. I'm going to switch all my accounts over to you.' About two weeks later we met. ...His total accounts were almost $500,000. Now he just referred a doctor friend of his to me, and I'm seeing him next week."
Jim C., CFP, Stuart, FL
Three Reasons this Financial Advisor Newsletter Works

You can't expect everyone you meet to be ready for business now. That's why you must have a drip marketing system and this financial advisor newsletter is the perfect drip marketing system. You gain three distinct advantages when you use the SeniorFinances newsletter:

  1. You stay in front of warm new prospects and keep them warm. Plus, your clients feel as though you continuously keep-in-touch.
  2. You position yourself as a desirable specialist when you select one of the seven focused financial newsletters (see below). For example, the General SeniorFinances newsletter positions you as a retirement specialist, the annuity newsletter as an annuity specialist, etc.
  3. Every article is written to make your phone ring. Not just information, these articles are sales tools that get people to contact you.

Advisor Email Newsletter

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Advisors Miss These Marketing Rules

Most financial professionals either don't send a client newsletter (and they miss sales opportunities), or they throw money down the drain because they don't understand that:

Your financial newsletter must be sent on a continual basis. The average consumer is bombarded with 600 advertisements per day. If you don't get your picture and wisdom in front of them with a monthly financial newsletter, you're starting over every time you send it. The newsletter articles must solicit a direct response. Every one of our articles offers a brochure, booklet, article, analysis, or some additional information (which we show you how to obtain on the Internet at no cost to you).

And most importantly, your financial newsletter or insurance newsletter must be focused on your target market. Our financial advisor newsletter is designed for consumers age 50+. They don't want to see dumb general articles about the FED or the economy and they could care less about the latest employment statistics. All they want to know is, "How can you help me?"

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