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Financial Advisor Marketing: How to Find New Prospects and Get Clients Fast

While many financial advisors struggle to grow their business and gain clients (insurance buyers and investors), it's simple to meet new prospects when you gain a few skills of financial advisor marketing. To gain new prospects, have them contact you and ultimately get clients, you must provide something new prospects want. For example, insurance buyers or investors may not want to buy your product but they want the solution that your product offers-this simple distinction is often missed when financial advisors market themselves.

Specifically-your new prospect may not want to buy an annuity (your agenda) but new clients do want to know how to save taxes (their agenda). If you orient your financial advisor marketing around their agenda (by offering an educational info-document or class or webinar), new prospects contact you. Once you have contact from the new prospect, you have the opportunity to gain trust and get a new client. This is the foundation of all successful financial advisor marketing: provide an offering that the potential new client desires and have your next new client contact you. New prospects do not want to be sold, but they do seek solutions to their perceived financial problems. While you see your product synonymous with the solution, the potential new client does not and will be alienated by product-oriented financial advisor marketing.

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