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How to Find Email Addresses of Seniors for Your SeniorFinances Email Newsletter

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There are four great ways to rapidly build a list of senior email addresses in your area. Then you can drip on them for just $59, month after month after month.

1) Rent a Senior E-mail List

Just like you can rent mailing lists for sending mail, we'll show you where you can rent 1.3 million email addresses of seniors. Of course, you may only want those in your area and you can select those you desire by zip code.

Download "How to Build an E-mail List of Seniors" - PDF

2) Inexpensive Ads on Local Senior Web Sites

There are dozens of senior web sites focused only on seniors in your area. Just for fun, I did a search on �Columbus Ohio Senior.� Here's what I got without looking any further:

http://www.columbuswired.net/SeniorLiving/default.htm - Ohio's web magazine - $20/month
http://www.hec.ohio-state.edu/famlife/aging/ - the Aging in Ohio web site
http://www.oshpra.org/mends.htm - the Retiree Association of the Ohio State Patrol

The ads are very inexpensive ($20 -$50 per month) and thousands of seniors can see your ad to subscribe to your free senior newsletter.

3) Subscribe to Our SeniorLeads Service

We advertise on the national senior web sites asking seniors if they want receive free financial information. If you subscribe to our SeniorLead service, we give you the leads for your area. You pay us $18 for each prospect we get for you. See more information about the Senior Leads program.

4) Get Email Lists from Your Senior Clients

Ask your senior clients for list of email addresses they may have. They may be willing to share them with you or make a solicitation for you. For example, say you have a client that belongs to the local senior garden club with 250 members. Your client may be happy to give you a copy of that list or solicit the members on your behalf with the following email:

Dear Folks,
Bob Smith has been my financial advisor for the last three years. He has an excellent newsletter for us seniors called �SeniorFinances,� and you can get a free subscription. Each issue contains articles on where to invest for more income, items on insurance like long-term care, tips on reducing your income taxes and estate planning, etc. To get a free email subscription, just click here.
Stu Svenson

Use these resources and in a year's time you can easily have a 1,000 senior email addresses in your area. You can stay in front of them for FREE and have a continuous drip campaign. These contacts will not only lead to new clients but also:

Invitations to speak at their clubs
Invitations to write articles for their newsletters
Referrals to seniors not even on your list

Newsletter Questions and Answers

Who is the newsletter written for?
An audience in their late 50s and over. The articles appeal to people concerned with pending retirement or who are already retired.

What do the articles cover?
The stock market, bonds, annuities, long-term care, taxes, insurance, funds, estate planning, and retirement financial issues.

How is this newsletter different?
You will get responses from your prospects and clients. Every article is a mini sales letter asking for them to call or send in for a brochure or handout or analysis, etc. In all cases, I will supply you with a copy of the item to send or tell you where to get it (or you can substitute your own literature). These requests set you up to close more sales. Each edition of the newsletter comes with a request coupon for your prospect to return for information.

What if I don't sell insurance (or funds, stocks, etc, etc)?
Each issue comes with extra articles. Since we distribute the newsletter to you in electronic format (via email) it's easy on your computer to just swap one article for another. So if an article does not apply to your business, just swap it out. In addition, we have a database that you can access with well over 100 articles dealing with issues other than investments, covering LTC, annuities, estate planning, and life insurance. You can simply cut out the investment articles and replace with others. The newsletter comes to you electronically, so it's a simple matter of cutting and pasting with your word processor.

What about compliance?
The articles are FINRA filed and reviewed, and you can access a copy of the FINRA letter with each issue. However, we always give you the extra articles, and since you can amend the newsletter on your computer, you can add any disclosure that would make your compliance person happy. Some subscribers take the best article from each issue, use it as a sales letter, and find that compliance will quickly approve a one-topic sales letter. Other clients submit the entire newsletter for compliance review and given the time delay, just send it out the following month. The articles are not time sensitive so you can use any issue for any month.

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